Meet Toph Sheldon, cpa for the self-employed® And founder of cincinnati tax resolution

The IRS is the most unfair collection agency on the planet.  Toph’s been in your shoes and fought the IRS on his own. Now, he’s devoted his practice to helping clients just like you resolve their tax debt and get the peace of mind they deserve!

If you have a tax problem, stop procrastinating

There are multiple ways to address tax issues and depending on your personal situation, our team will help you identify what is truly owed (if anything) to the IRS.  Beginning with your initial consultation, we immediately begin to identify potential strategies including proper consultation, preparation, negotiation and settlement.  Cincinnati Tax Resolution promises to protect your family and to fight for our clients to ensure they are able to achieve the best resolution possible.

Our team is available 24/7 to start answering your questions.

Within minutes, we can help you determine a path forward to resolving your tax debt.

Ready to move forward? Call us now!

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