If you have a tax problem, stop procrastinating

Don’t just take their word for it – The IRS may not be right!

The IRS is the most unfair collection agency on the planet.  There are multiple ways to address tax issues and depending on your personal situation, our team will help you identify what is truly owed (if anything) to the IRS.  Beginning with your initial consultation, we immediately begin to identify potential strategies including proper consultation, preparation, negotiation and settlement.  Cincinnati Tax Resolution promises to protect your family and get you the best resolution possible, reducing your debt by up to 90%.

Our research shows that 88% of self-employed professionals have a tax problem.  Often times, the IRS claims you owe them money.  You disagree or can’t afford to pay in full.  Our experienced and hungry team of advisors will fight for what’s fair while representing your best interests.

Tax Resolution

Receiving that initial letter from the IRS will paralyze you with fear.  And just as our tag line states, “When the IRS comes knocking, let us answer the door.”  Tax resolution can take many forms.  Most people don’t realize the various strategies to reduce tax debt.  At Cincinnati Tax Resolution, our success is powered by unparalleled knowledge of the tax code and our ability to interpret and implement for the self-employed.                                

Tax Consultation

Our team takes pride in the vast knowledge of the IRS and the state taxation authorities… and will show you, we are second to none. With a free consultation focused on your mounting tax debt, you will begin to find peace of mind.  You, and your family, are in good hands.  Our mission is to reduce your debt and make sure that the IRS doesn’t take advantage of you.   

Tax Preparation

Income tax laws are both intimidating and complicated. In many cases, taxpayers seek professional assistance with tax preparation.  Our team is equipped to handle the most delicate situations.  If you find yourself in a hardship, have tax returns that haven’t been filed or perhaps the IRS has initiated collections actions, Cincinnati Tax Resolution can help. We’ll immediately begin dealing with the IRS on your behalf and work with you to properly prepare and file incorrect or unfiled returns.

Tax Negotiation

The IRS is the most unfair collections agency out there.  Don’t let your fear paralyze you.  Cincinnati Tax Resolution will represent YOUR interests and work with them to find a solution you are comfortable with.  Our approach is different because our team will go back to the beginning. We will identify any and all opportunities to rectify your current tax situation, including negotiating on your behalf. With our experience and understanding of the tax code, we are uniquely equipped to deal with the IRS and their trained negotiators.

Tax Settlement

After properly preparing your case and negotiating with the IRS on your behalf, our team will work with IRS to provide the best outcome possible for your situation. For most of our clients, this includes a debt reduction of up to 90 percent. Depending on your individual tax situation, you may actually be eligible for an additional tax refund. You can trust the Cincinnati Tax Resolution to secure the best result possible.



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